AllianceBlock Tokenomics

We have designed the token economics to ensure that platform and revenue growth correlate with increased utility and demand for the ALBT token.

ALBT tokens are the backbone of the AllianceBlock  Ecosystem.

The ALBT token serves as a multi-purpose tool to be utilized as the primary medium of exchange, means of reward for ecosystem participants, and network fee payment mechanism. In addition the ALBT token will act as the currency reserve of the ecosystem reserve pool and as a governance token for voting and power delegation.

Token utility and scarcity is further achieved via a number of deflationary features including node staking, liquidity pooling, quarterly revenue-based token burns, and quarterly activity-based token burns.

Token Utility
Medium of Exchange
ALBT token will be the main medium of exchange for services and assets on the platform.
Token Burn

Between 25%–50% of fees will automatically be confiscated by the Protocol and burned quarterly.

By setting up an Institutional, Data, or Service Node, network participants will participate in the staking protocol.

Network Fees

Every transaction will require a small fee in ALBT tokens.
Token Burn
Our corporate entity will buy back and burn tokens quarterly based on revenue.

Means of Reward

Node owners, stakers, and other relevant network participants will be rewarded in ALBT for maintaining the network.